Everything in its time

Ever feel like your to do list just never ends? I remember feeling so anxious about everything that I had to do to get my business going, and as I'm looking at this mountain of tasks in front of me I'm thinking 'How am I ever going to do this?' Maybe someone out there has been in this place and can relate? Well let me be the voice of hope and tell you it really all will be OK!

What I experienced was that the more I tried to force and rush things, the worse the outcome was. Now don't get me wrong here, determination, effort and being organised in getting things done is essential, but there are also things that cannot be forced and will work themselves out in the right time. Once you have done what you can, let it be.

Case in point: I had to resign from my job because of health reasons which was a big deal for me, then I decided to start working on my business full time! Scary stuff!


Being the way I am, I wanted everything to happen all at once, but I realized I wouldn't have been prepared if it did. Things had to fall into place first and I had a lot to get organised, stay motivated and do my part to get my business running!

My point is, stay motivated and on the ball, don't give up on your dreams.

Things will happen in the right time, do all that you can to achieve your hopes and dreams, then let the rest fall into place, because it will!


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